Let’s face it: no pet parent wants to be separated from their little ones, even for a brief time. But they don’t have a choice in certain situations, like when they leave their cat or dog in a compulsory quarantine phase. Separation anxiety is just as common with pet owners as it is prevalent with the pets themselves. It’s often overlooked, but it has the potential to affect your day-to-day routine while being away from your four-legged friends. 

For the uninitiated, New Zealand follows a strict pet quarantine policy for pets coming in from all over the world, except Australia, which doesn’t require it. After arriving in NZ, pets have to go through a phase of isolation in an MPI-approved pet quarantine facility like Auckland Quarantine for dogs and cats. This quarantine period can go from a minimum of 10 days to a more lengthy 60-day period, depending on individual circumstances. Here are some carefully curated anti-anxiety tips that can help pet owners relax while their cat or dog is in quarantine.

How to recognise pet separation anxiety

The first step to solving this problem is to acknowledge it. If your emotions are not in the right place before leaving your pet alone, take a step back to fully absorb how you’re feeling. For example, you’re likely leaving your pet in a quarantine facility since you have just relocated to New Zealand. Moving to a new country or city can feel overwhelming and not having your pet by your side can only make it worse. 

But don’t worry; it’s not the end of the world. It’s natural to feel anxious, especially when your dog or cat is under someone else’s care. Being concerned is fine, but overthinking about leaving your pets alone can hurt both you and your pooch. Of course, all problems come with solutions and there are some solid ways to kick away your pet separation anxiety.

Emotionally coping with separation

The bond you share with your pet might be unique, but there are a lot of common things you share with other pet owners. This includes questions that pop up in everyone’s heads like, “Will my pet think I’m abandoning them?” or “Is the quarantine facility good enough for my pet?”. Remember, these are just intrusive thoughts that might bother you and don’t demand your mental energy. Moreover, dogs and cats live in packs and they might just make new friends when they’re away from you. 

As a pet owner, you have no reason to feel guilty or nervous about leaving your pet alone in quarantine since it’s for their good. If you feel like you worry too much about your cat or dog, it means you truly care about them, and that’s what makes you a real parent. In any case, general anti-anxiety solutions like deep breathing can instantly improve your mindset. Before the quarantine phase, you can also rehearse taking shorter breaks away from your pet to get used to this feeling.

Leaving them in quarantine

The toughest part of the process is when you drop your pets off at the facility. However, exceptional service providers like Auckland Quarantine for dogs and cats can make your life so much easier and stress-free. Your pet’s hygiene and safety are a priority, and a reputed quarantine facility in NZ can take your mind off your most basic worries.

Auckland Quarantine’s team of caretakers works to make your pet’s quarantine phase a chilled-out luxurious experience. With superior Royal Canin food and climate-controlled rooms, there’s no reason for you to be worried about your cat or dog’s peace of mind.

Even though visiting your pets is not allowed during quarantine, you can always reach out via call or text to check in on them whenever you’d like.

Some practical tips

Anxiety’s worst enemy is preparation. All you need to do is plan and attend to your pet’s needs right from the get-go of the relocation process. For example, sorting out pet travel and quarantine prerequisites beforehand, like customs declarations, vaccination certificates, and import permits, can ease your mind. 

Doing so also ensures that your dog or cat doesn’t have to spend time beyond the minimum quarantine period. Preparing your pets for relocation is another important factor since they’re going to be just as anxious as you are about the change of place. At Auckland Quarantine, we keep your pets engaged and entertained with a TV and a colourful mural wall. 


Pet quarantine can seem anxiety-inducing at first, but with Auckland Quarantine for dogs and cats, it’s a breeze for pet owners. Our government-approved quarantine centre and qualified professionals are all it takes to kick away your blues when you leave your pet alone. Reach out to us with your questions, and rest easy knowing that your pet is in the safest hands in NZ!