Auckland is a city filled with stunning landscapes and breathtaking views. However, what makes this place special is the large and ever-present pet-friendly community. Pets are not merely tolerated – they are embraced and welcomed! With numerous parks and pet-friendly public spaces like cafes and restaurants, Auckland goes the extra mile to ensure your pets feel as much at home as you do. 

However, bringing your pet to this wonderful city will require a lot of planning and thought. Moving to a new city is always exciting, but it is essential to consider your pet’s needs and whether they would be met in the city. Planning will ensure your pets feel secure and comfortable in a new environment, helping them adapt easily to the Kiwi way of life. 

So, let’s take a look at what you will need to do to ensure that your pet can be brought to Auckland smoothly and without a fuss!


The first thing you need to do when you are preparing to bring your pet to Auckland is do research. The NZ Customs Service and the Ministry for Primary Industries both oversee the import of animals to New Zealand, including Auckland. This is what they recommend preparing before bringing your pet into the country:

Is pet travel allowed from your country into New Zealand? What about specific breeds?

There are three categories of countries or territories you can bring your pets to.

Category 1: Australia (Including Norfolk Island)

Category 2: Rabies-free territories and countries 

Category 3: Rabies-absent or well-controlled 

You can find out which country falls under which category in the Import Health Standard (IHS) guidance document. The forms that have to be filled will vary from category to category, depending on what pet you are bringing in. The cost and time of the process will also depend on the country you are coming from. 

It is important to note that there are some animal species as well as animal breeds that are not allowed into the country. Please ensure that your pet is not one of them. However, in the case of prohibited dog breeds, they will be allowed if they are :

  •  Registered under the Dog Control Act 1996
  • A guide or hearing dog 
  • A companion dog 

If your dog is indeed one of the above, you will need to provide evidence. 

What are the documents required before they can come?

Several documents will need to be prepared before you can come in. Here are some of them:

  • Proof of purchase or evidence of ownership 
  • Permit to import the animal 
  • Veterinary certificates 
  • Air Waybill 
  • NZCS 231 – Bringing a Pet or Other Animal into New Zealand 
  • A copy of your photo ID 
  • Exempting Statutory Declaration – for Dogs 

Is a permit required? How can I apply for one?

When it comes to dogs and cats, it depends on which country you are coming from. 

  • Australia – a permit is usually not required. However, your pet will need a post-arrival inspection. 
  • In an approved country – you will need a permit
  • A country that has not been approved – your pet will not be allowed into the country until it has spent a certain amount of time in an approved country. You will also have to provide a vet certificate. 

You can take a look at the list of approved countries in the IHS guidance document on the MPI website. You can apply for a permit on the MPI website as well. Processing of the permit takes around 10 days. You may also require a transit permit in case your pet is staying on the same aircraft while in New Zealand. 

What are the vaccination requirements?

There are several vaccine and blood test regulations your pet needs to meet before they can obtain an import permit. They will need a microchip, rabies vaccine, titer test, and internal and external parasite treatment. Dogs have additional vaccines and blood tests that they will have to do before they get the permit. 

The list of necessary vaccines will also depend on which category your country fits into. 

Check out the biosecurity measures put into place by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

The MPI website has specific sections relating to the type of animal and what type of biosecurity measures are in place. Please make sure to go through all the measures so that you will be prepared for them. 

Quarantine for your pets

You will have to quarantine your pet once it has entered the country. Take a look at what the requirements are, depending on the species of your pet. The New Zealand Government has a list of approved quarantine facilities that you can book for this purpose. 


Hopefully, this guide has shed some light on what you need to do to bring your pet into Auckland. It does seem very complicated in the beginning but being methodical about the process will make things a lot easier. In case you want to learn more about pet quarantine and how quarantine facilities work, you can head on over to our website and learn more!