Keeping packs together for over 30 years.

As experienced international pet movers, we make sure your pet travels comfortably and safely; it is our first priority. You can honestly relax when we’re in charge of your pet travel. Pets By Air has been moving families and keeping packs together for over 30 years. We know the rules, we know the regulations, we know the airlines and we love animals.

What you need to know

We understand that being separated from your animal family, for whatever reason or length of time, can be unnerving. We do not mind how many questions you have. No amount of emails or phone calls are a problem. We will always get back to you with answers as promptly as we can.

With all the paperwork, documentation, vet checks and vaccinations, things can get a little confusing. But as international pet movers, getting all that sorted is our job and we love it. We’re here to take care of all the details and make sure you feel comfortable and reassured about the health, safety and comfort of your fur babies at all times. We offer a complete international pet transport service so your pets get to where they’re going safe and happy.

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Want to know how your pet’s trip is going?

If you have any pet travel anxieties, our dedicated, experienced pet transport consultants are available by phone, email and social media to allay your fears. We get it, we’re pet lovers too.

We put regular posts and updates on our guests.

Meet Our Team

Graeme & Ruth Bell:

What pets do you own? Ruth has a collection of dogs, cats, mini horses, donkeys, goats and a variety of birds.
How long have you worked owned Airport Pets? The company has been operating since 1988. We have owned and operated Brookby Pet Lodge since 2007 and bought Pets By Air in 2014. 

What about you? With a background in dairy farming we have worked with animals all our lives and have a great understanding of animal welfare.

What are your day to day jobs? Because we live on the premises, we are very much in touch with all that happens with all the animals and their care.

David Bell

David & Bridget Bell:

What pets do you own? 1 cat – Leo, 2 dogs – Molly a jack russell / shih tzu and Cruz – shih tzu / lhasa apso
What about you? We both grew up in the country and moved to Auckland in 2003. We have two beautiful daughters, Hollie and Stevie (who adore being around the animals).

 David had his own building company for 10 years which built the Quantine facility, Cattery and extra Kennels at Brookby Lodge. Now we have become part of the family business which we are so excited about.
What are your day to day jobs? David is manager of Airport Pets, Pets by Air, Brookby Pet Lodge and Auckland Quarantine.
What is your favourite dog breed? Jack russell / shih tzu
What are your hobbies? Walking the dogs and spending time with the girls.

David Bell

Pet travel consultant:

What pets do you own? We have 2 rescue cats: Draco and Matilda
How long have you worked at Pets By Air? I joined the team in July 2019 and am loving it.
What are your day to day jobs? Assisting customers with quotes and bookings, transporting them, answering all questions and phone calls.
What are your favourite breeds?
Big dogs are my favourites: bull mastiffs, rottweiler, German shepherd, great Dane. The love of my life was a bull mastiff x sherpei.
What about you? My whole life I’ve loved animals which led me into rescue and fostering cats and dogs. I am now focusing on reuniting pet parents with their four-legged babies


Pet travel consultant:

What pets do you own? Alfie the jack russel, Ebony the cat and 3 fish.
How long have you worked at Pets By Air?
9 years
What are your day to day jobs? Assists customers with quotes, bookings and requirements for transporting their pets!
What are your favourite breeds? Sphynx cats and chihuahuas to great Danes and all dogs in between.

What about you? Animals are my passion and I have worked with everything from tiny bugs to elephants. Making customers feel reassured about their beloved fur babies is what I strive for daily.



What pets do you own? 10 mini ponies.
How long have you worked at Pets By Air?
7 years
What are your day to day jobs? Driving and office admin.
What is your favourite dog breed? Mastiff
What are your hobbies? Showing and breeding horses


Don’t just take our word for it…

“Excellent service and you can feel that they love animals, which is by far the most important. Our cat arrived from Auckland to New York perfectly. Surely tired as we were, but now a New Jersey resident! Many thanks again to all the team! We cannot me happier.”

Fiona Robertson

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