Transporting Pets Overseas

We are experts at moving pets around the world!

If you are moving overseas and you want to have your pet join you, we make the move as painless as possible for all of your family. NZ to Australia, the Pacific, UK, USA, Canada, Asia, Africa, India, Europe, South America and the United Arab Emirates: we can arrange for the pet transport of your dog or cat anywhere.

Australia pet travel specialists

Moving pets to Australia is the most common pet transport we do. We fly pets 7 days a week to Australia and over the 30 years we’ve been doing it, we built up special relationships with the airlines flying this route.

Unlike some long-haul pet destinations, there are no quarantine procedures for Australia. For experts like the Pets By Air team, moving pets to any international Airport in Australia from New Zealand is relatively simple.

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Moving to Australia?

Our pet travel team will be able to advise you on your paperwork, such as an owner’s declaration, and which treatments and vaccinations to get and when. When flying to Australia you also need a pet’s Export Certificate. This requires a vet check within 96 hours of your cat or dog’s flight, which we can organise on your behalf.

Need help with the IATA cage specifications? The cage size depends on the breed of your pet and must have space for them to stand, lie down or turn around during their journey. Call  09 216 6011 and we can supply you with the correct one.

Flying together? We may be able to arrange your pet to travel on the same flight. Please contact us, ideally before booking your flight, and we can see if pet transport is available for the flight you want.

Is your pet flying unaccompanied? Once your pet lands in Australia, have they still got farther to go? Not a problem. We can arrange for a pet courier service within Australia to get your pet “door to door”.

Global pet transfers

Of course, we also transport pets to other places in the world. We can organise paperwork, flights, custom clearance, all veterinary requirements, export certificates and parasite treatments.

Regulations are specific to each country. They determine the minimum age a pet can travel, the vaccines required before arrival, how long vaccines need to given before departure, quarantine regulations, types of breeds allowed to travel, import requirements, and the various paperwork requirements.

We know international pet transport and we are familiar with these rules. Let us make sure your pet’s paperwork is all in order and everything runs smoothly.

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Clear international travel guidelines

We’re used to transporting pets overseas. We cut through the confusion and misinformation to make sure you get accurate, up-to-date facts and your pet gets to you safely. Why not chat with one of our pet travel consultants or email to find out about our international pet transport services to get your family to their new home?

The key to stress free pet travel is organisation. The sooner you contact us, the more organised we can both be with vaccine schedules, crate training and all the immigration paperwork needed for your pet to have a safe and happy journey to their new home. Email or phone us on 09 216 6011. We will answer your questions as soon as we can.

Leave it to the pet moving specialists. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to transporting pets overseas, so let the team at Pets By Air take care of everything.

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