Having a pet brings people a lot of joy but there are also some responsibilities that come with it. One of these aspects is the much-overlooked pet quarantine. It is often forgotten about but it is crucial for the health of your pet. It is also very important for the good of the rest of the community. Let’s explore more about why this is in the following blog. 


What is pet quarantine?

Pet quarantine is a precautionary measure taken by owners to prevent the spread of diseases carried by pets to other pets and humans. In this method, the pet is isolated for a certain period of time. The main aim of this is to ensure that the pet who is being quarantined is free of any contagious diseases, parasites, or any other form of health issue that can be given to others. 

This becomes extremely important when a pet has been exposed to potential diseases. This can be through travel or interacting with another sick animal. Isolating pets will also allow vets to keep an eye on their health and make sure that they are recovering quickly.

There are many situations in which pet quarantine is a requirement. Some of these include – international travel, exposure to infectious diseases, and legal requirements, in case they are a rescue or have been adopted. 


You may be wondering how exactly isolation and quarantine would protect other animals and the general public. For this, we will take a closer look at how pets that have not been quarantined pose a health risk. 

  1. Spread of diseases:

Just like humans, pets can also carry infectious diseases which they can spread to other pets. If these are left unchecked, it will spread to a whole community which in turn may affect the humans as well. 

Examples of these would be respiratory infections like canine influenza or feline upper respiratory issues. These diseases can spread through animals very quickly and easily if they are not dealt with.

  1. Zoonotic diseases:

Zoonotic diseases are illnesses that can be passed from animals to humans. These include parasites like ticks or fleas. These parasites in turn can carry a lot of dangerous diseases like Lyme disease. Humans will not only be inflicted by the parasites but also by the diseases they carry. 

Another famous example of a zoonotic disease is rabies. If a rabid pet bites you, there is an extremely strong chance that you can contract rabies. This disease is almost always fatal if it is not treated in time. 

This is why quarantine is so important. Putting your pet in isolation will not only ensure that the germs will have died but it will also allow health professionals to keep an eye on the health of your pet. This also physically stops the spread of disease. 


Beyond the safety concerns, it is often a legal requirement to quarantine your pet in some cases. Let us take a look at those times. 

  1. International Travel:

Say you are travelling from one country to another. It is very important that you take a look at the laws regarding bringing pets into the destination country. These laws have requirements including vaccinations, microchipping, and blood tests. They will also stipulate the details regarding the quarantine, including the duration. 

  1. Country-specific Regulations:

When it comes to the country you reside in, regulations will most likely differ based on several factors including the species of the pet, their age, breed, and vaccination history. 

These are important to look at as there are usually extremely severe consequences for people who don’t comply. In the case of international travel, your pet could get deported immediately or in the case that they are carrying a disease, there will be legal fines and penalties to be paid. 

This is why it is highly recommended to take a look at the pet laws of the country you are travelling to so that you can be prepared and know what to expect once you reach. This will also allow you to experience a smooth and happy trip without being troubled by any pet legalities. 


Now that we have gone over why this is so important, let us take a look at how this is to be done. Keeping your pet isolated can be quite hard by yourself which is why quarantine facilities exist. They will take care of your pet for the duration required and will be staffed by healthcare professionals who can keep an eye on your pet’s health. This is particularly important when travelling to a different country which is why there is usually a list of facilities that are recommended by the government of the country you are going to. 

However, not just any quarantine facility will do. The staff have to be properly trained, the facility should be properly built, and there should be strict health protocols in place that they follow. 

The facility should provide the same level of care and attention your pet would receive if they were at home. This includes regular meals, clean water, exercise, and a comfortable living environment. This is along with excellent veterinary care which is crucial since the whole point of the quarantine is to make sure that your pet’s health is monitored. 

These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind when taking a look at quarantine facilities. Auckland Quarantine is one such facility!


We hope that this blog has taught you why pet quarantine is so important and what are the negatives to not having it done. 

If you want to learn more about pet quarantine and how it works in New Zealand, head over to Auckland Quarantine!