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Making a booking for your pet to stay with us during their NZ quarantine period is easy; just fill in the form below.

Once you have filled in the form, we will get straight back to you with the NZ quarantine booking confirmation, costs and any more details that may be required. 
If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to call us on +649 216 6012 or contact us on Facebook or Email to chat with one of our trained staff.

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VIP pets

All of our rooms are premium rooms for your lucky VIPs – very important pets. These are special spaces where we can really spoil your fur babies for you during their stay with us. As a VIP, your cat, dog or entire pet family will enjoy one of our premium rooms with super-duper comfortable off-the-floor beds, murals, pot plants, lovely nice soft blankets and their very own TV.
The new sights, smells and stimulation of a new environment can be a little overwhelming for some. To make things easier, our premium rooms have all the comforts of home making it nice and relaxing during their stay. The indoor plants improve the air quality, lifting our guests’ sense of wellbeing by calming the sympathetic nervous system so they settle in faster.
Many veterinarians recommend turning on the television when pets are alone, as it can keep them stimulated, entertained and relaxed. We quite often find our pets in the premium rooms, the dogs in particular, watching the TV. You get a much happier pet when you come and pick them up at the end of their stay.

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